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BD2 thinking about Project Scorpio update for FFXV, looking into PC version, no plans for Switch ver

BD2 thinking about Project Scorpio update for FFXV, looking into PC version, no plans for Switch ver

Written by Brayden — 08 Feb 2017

In an interview with DualShockers, Hajime Tabata the director of Final Fantasy XV and head of Square Enix Business Division 2 has had some very interesting things to say. I've taken out some of the most interesting bits and you can read them below.

DualShockers asked Tabata if he is already thinking about a PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

"We can't say that we're going to release this, but I can say that we’re looking into the technology to possibly implement that."

When asked if they're going to update the game for Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio, Tabata had this to say.

"Of course we're thinking about some implementations that we can make to update [the game] for Project Scorpio, but as far as what the variance of the specification compared to the PS4 Pro version, I'm not quite sure yet. But of course, we're going to try to make it as good as possible."

Tabata also talked about Machine Zone's Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMO.

"About the Machine Zone project, they came to us with this offer, and we're cooperating with them, abut we actually gave them the reins to see how they're going to roll out their own version of Final Fantasy XV.

We don’t have as much mobile know-how and expertise, that's why they’re in charge of handling the game's structure, and we can provide with them with support, ideas and design."

Tabata also confirmed what exactly the co-op multiplayer DLC for the game is.

"It’s going to be a four-player co-op multiplayer game."

When asked what he wants to make next Tabata repeated a new IP, something he has previously mentioned on BD2's recruitment page.

"I want to use all the knowledge and expertise that I built up with Final Fantasy XV and create a new IP."

And when asked about a Nintendo Switch version of FFXV he had this to say.

"There are no Plans, it wouldn't run... It might run... But we haven't conducted the proper tests on whether it would run properly on Switch or not, so I cannot say for sure.

There are no plans for Switch at the moment, but overall, there is interest in the platform among the development team. We do have lots of Nintendo fans inside BD2."

Check out the full interview for more.

Source: DualShockers