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Famitsu does another Best RPG Poll, FF featured heavily with comments from Tabata and Kitase

Famitsu does another Best RPG Poll, FF featured heavily with comments from Tabata and Kitase

Written by Brayden — 26 Jul 2017

Famitsu commonly holds polls and in June 2017 they held one for Best RPGs. As usual, Final Fantasy featured heavily.

The poll had more than 2,000 counted votes and Famitsu provided some of the comments from those who voted. They even got comments from Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV and Yoshinori Kitase, the director of Final Fantasy VII and producer of the in development Final Fantasy VII Remake.

You can check out all the Final Fantasy games featured with translations by RPG Site.

First, in 19th is Final Fantasy VIII.

A man in his 30s said, “It’s full of elements that tickle your chuunibyou heart with settings like a Witch’s Knight and the Gunblade,” and a woman in her 30s is “moved by the magnificent story about love.” Other fans also said things like “I’ve witnessed the best human drama in the series” and “It has a lot of replay value that I got addicted to it and forgot about time.”

Next it's Final Fantasy IX in 18th.

A woman in her 40s commented, “The peaceful scenery is so beautiful that I got immersed with feelings of nostalgia,” while a teen boy wrote, “The visuals that look like a picture book, as well as the world settings, are the best.” Other fans also wrote that “The world setting is good with a warm atmosphere where [characters of] various races live there” and “Each mini-game is created thoroughly that I got unconsciously enthusiastic with them.”

Final Fantasy VI came in at 16th.

A man in his 30s “never forgets the surprise when seeing the Magic Armor for the first time,” and a woman in her 40s wrote that “The music, and especially the ending theme is the best.” Other fans were “surprised at the Magic Train” and “saved just before the Opera scene to watch it multiple times.”

My first Final Fantasy game in Final Fantasy X came in at 12th

A teen boy wrote, “There are no other titles where I have cried this much,” and a 20s man said, “The battle balancing is just right, so I could purely enjoy just the story.” Other users also wrote things like, “I couldn’t stop crying on Yuna’s final quote” and “This title has become the most resounding one in my heart during my youth ages.”

The recently released Final Fantasy XV came in at 10th.

A man in his 30s “had much fun in traveling with friends,” and a 30s woman wrote, “I’m glad I continued believing while waiting ever since the initial announcement 10 years ago [when the game was revealed as Versus XIII].” A 20s man said, “I cried every time I looked back to my adventure by looking at photos taken by Prompto,” and a woman in the same generation wrote, “There is no other game that gives so much affection to characters like this.”

A teen boy “wants to eat Cup Noodles” thanks to the bizarre collaboration commercials, while another man in the 20s said that, “The speedy battles are very exhilarating.”

The director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata also provided a comment in response to this.

"Thank you to everyone who has voted. I’m really glad we’re able to get the 10th place. FFXV is still going to evolve with regular updates, DLCs, VR and more. We are doing our best so that it can reach a higher rank in the next polls."

And in little surprise, Final Fantasy VII came in at 5th.

“Everything was shocking to me back then when I was a middle schooler; from the evolution from SNES, the magnificent story, to the appealing characters and music.”
“The masterpiece that showed the evolution of RPG.”
“I’m just surprised at the evolution of graphics at that time; I’ve seen the moment the history of video games [started] moving.”
“I still never forget the excitement of seeing a vast world when going out of Midgar.”
A woman in her 20s “fell in love with Cloud at the first time when seeing him in battle scenes,” and another in her 30s said “Aerith is a heroine who still lives inside my mind even right now. Her cruel fate is so shocking that it even gave a trauma to me in my childhood.”

Voice actress Maaya Sakamoto, who has been the Japanese voice actress for Aerith Gainsborough also provided a comment for the game.

"Congratulations to Final Fantasy VII for making it to the ranking. When it was released, I was still a high schooler, and I glanced at my elder brother playing it like getting addicted to it. I remember I also got moved by it, thinking that there is such a great game. After time has passed, I didn’t expect that I get delegated to voice Aerith (in FFVII & Kingdom Hearts series)! I’m honored to be able to participate in this series which have been carved into hearts of so many people."

And Yoshinori Kitase the director of Final Fantasy VII and the producer of the in development Final Fantasy VII Remake provided a message as well.

"Thank you for getting [FFVII] into the 5th rank in this RPG poll. We’re very glad that even after 20 years have passed since VII’s birth, this title is still being loved like this. We’d also like to do our best so that this title can still be loved even after 100 years in the future!"

Source: RPG Site