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Mobius Final Fantasy's global version celebrates one year anniversary with game balance changes

Mobius Final Fantasy's global version celebrates one year anniversary with game balance changes

Written by Brayden — 31 Jul 2017

With Mobius Final Fantasy's global version celebrating its first anniversary on August 3rd, Square Enix has announced a variety of game balance changes coming on August 1st.

First, Magicite will now drop as a reward from battles. This includes both normal battles and multiplayer battles.

Magicite will also be added to the rewards for Login Bonuses and Daily Missions while the amount of Ability Tickets rewarded will also be increased.

Next you will be able to expand your card box to fit 800 cards and your card bank to fit 1,600 cards.

There will also be changes to 'Mobius Day'. The changes include that level 2 ability cards will drop, Pleiades Lagoon will be fully open and you will get even more stamina.

The various rewards from the Battle Tower is also getting a boost. You will now get more Ability Tickets and Crystals while Job Change Recast, Improved Extra Skill Unlock, EXP Up and other great rewards will also be available. Square Enix is also teasing more intense battles.

After every monthly update players will now get a Summon Ticket.

The Gigantuar Terrace is finally also getting overhauled with three new different routes and the original route has also been improved.

It will also now be easier to unlock extra skills from Ability Cards while it will also be easier to augment Ability Cards.

2 additional weapon boost/modification slots will also be added.

The Mobius Gift Box will also be a lot cheaper. From 3,000 Magicite to just 1,500. The Gift Box includes 6 Summon Tickets, as well as a Growstar, Ability Tickets and other useful items.

Growing Eggs will be available to purchase from the Item Shop.

And to top it off the Summoning is also getting a huge revamp.

Source: 1st Anniversary Game Balance Changes!

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