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Hajime Tabata teases Ardyn and Luna DLC and beginning BD2's new IP next year

Hajime Tabata teases Ardyn and Luna DLC and beginning BD2's new IP next year

Written by Brayden — 01 Sep 2017

In an interview with IGN, Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV and head of Business Division 2 has discussed what's next for both the game and his team.

Tabata stated Episode Ignis "does mark a certain milestone in development for the game. But from then, we really want to engage with the community and find out what the content is that they absolutely have to see, they really want to see in the game. If there is that call for it, these people really do want to see a certain piece of content realized and added to the game, I very much would like to try and see if we can make that reality."

Tabata also said he'd "really like to show" more story for both Ardyn and Luna and thus teased DLC for these two characters yet again.

However Tabata also admitted that after Episode Ignis they really do have to start thinking about moving onto their next project which going by Business Division 2's recruitment website and past comments from Tabata himself is a new IP.

“At the end of the year, I think we do have to have a drawing of the line and moving on to do the next project as well,” he said. “Obviously we’re doing a lot of different things within the XV development team at the moment. But every single thing that we’re doing then really is something that we have to do to get the experience to move on to do our next project. So I think we will clearly be moving in that direction at the beginning of next year.”

And finally he also spoke about how all their various Final Fantasy XV titles and content will help with their next project.

“All of our work is going in the same direction. Because the more different things we do, the further we push Final Fantasy XV and take it in different directions, that expands the possibilities and the potential for our next project. It really is all going in the same direction,” he explained.

“I’m so happy that what we do to please the fans and give them what they want also comes back to aid us and make our next project all that much better. So it really does all synergize perfectly.”

Source: IGN