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Kitase talks Final Fantasy series future and the V and VI remasters

Kitase talks Final Fantasy series future and the V and VI remasters

Written by Brayden — 12 Sep 2017

While producer Yoshinori Kitase was at PAX West 2017 to promote Mobius Final Fantasy, Kotaku asked him what he's learned from making the game that he will bring to console games.

"When we release console games, it takes about two to three years to develop one title," Kitase told Kotaku, speaking through a translator. "So when we want to incorporate user feedback that we received on our previous title, we have to wait two to three years to show that we have listened. But for the mobile title, we actually can update every month, and so we can incorporate user feedback really quickly. Being able to implement user feedback and get reactions keeps our motivation going."

When asked how he would do this, Kitase said "How to do that with a console game is another question that I would have to think of, but I do want to try to be able to have that conversation and maybe somehow get feedback while developing a console game in the future,"

Kotaku also brought up the remasters of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI that were released for iOS, Android and later PC. Many western fans have complained about the new graphics and said they would like to play with the original graphics.

Kitase said "I am actually curious to know — I believe the port version, the one you can get right now, does use the more brushed up artwork that's a little bit more refined. Do fans want to see the older version that's not as refined? Is that the sentiment?"

Kotaku said yes, and Kitase said he understands and will keep it in mind.

Important to note Kitase was not involved with either remaster but he was a writer on Final Fantasy V and a director and writer on Final Fantasy VI.

Finally, Kitase also said he believes mobile and console games will continue to thrive in parallel. "I've always wanted Final Fantasy to be a title that would live in the memory of players as a set with new consoles. Whenever a new console is released, I want a memory of Final Fantasy to be attached with it. I want Final Fantasy to be there when you look back at your past, and you look back at your gaming lifestyle, that whenever you feel that the way you play games has changed, that Final Fantasy will always be there. It will be a game you remember along with that change in your life."

Square Enix Japan has placed a larger focus on mobile games in recent years so it remains to be seen if Kitase will be right. Kitase and his team in Business Division 1 which includes many of the staff who worked on the Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII series including director Motomu Toriyama are currently working on Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Source: Kotaku