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Final Fantasy was originally going to be a trilogy like Star Wars

Final Fantasy was originally going to be a trilogy like Star Wars

Written by Brayden — 28 Sep 2017

In Final Fantasy Record Keeper's comments from the creators of Final Fantasy feature, Square legend Akitoshi Kawazu has revealed that Final Fantasy was originally going to be a trilogy similar to George Lucas' Star Wars.

Kawazu, who was incharge of the game design for the first two Final Fantasy games and would later create the SaGa series as well as produce the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series and executive produce Final Fantasy XII and its sequel Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings said the following.

"When we started working on Final Fantasy, everyone was saying it would be part of a trilogy, even [Hironobu] Sakaguchi-san (creator of the Final Fantasy series).

Thanks to the influence of a certain science fiction movie, we considered calling it something like "Episode ?" right from the beginning.

So when were finished with Final Fantasy I and said "Okay, now what do we do for Final Fantasy II?", we abandoned that trilogy idea that had been in our heads, and landed on a new topic, which was "How do we make something different from FF I?"

Sakaguchi-san had been saying, "What about an urban adventure?" (This would later be realised in FF VII's Midgar.

So this is where the FF practice of starting fresh with every game was born.

It's too late to change anything, but now I think about how much needless suffering we put the people who made the later games through.

I'm sure there are many more FF games to come, and I hope the developers continue to suffer as they make them. I mean that in the best possible way!"

Fun fact: Kawazu is the last of the main staff at Square Enix from the original Final Fantasy game.