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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Confirmed For Europe

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Confirmed For Europe

Written by Darryl — 25 Mar 2009

It was announced a while back that Dissidia: Final Fantasy would be released in North America, but Square Enix kept their European audiences wanting to find out if the game would also be released in their territory. Well, the news has now been made official that Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be released in Europe.

No concrete date has been set by Square Enix yet, but the official press release stated that it would arrive at some point during the Autumn period of 2009, which sounds roughly about the same time as the North American release date. Who knows, perhaps they might even be released on the same date?

As soon as an official release date is confirmed, you'll hear it here first.

Source: TVharbour

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