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13 months later and the Android version of Final Fantasy VII still has yet to be fixed

13 months later and the Android version of Final Fantasy VII still has yet to be fixed

Written by Brayden — 20 Feb 2018

The Android version of Final Fantasy VII took almost a year longer to arrive on Android than iOS, something of a rarity for Square Enix games now. Launching on the Google Play Store on July 7, 2016, compared to August 19, 2015 on the Apple App Store.

The story should have ended there, it didn't.

The launch on Android came with many bugs and other issues, which is understandable considering the age of the game and also the fact Square Enix did lose all of the original assets. This makes any ports for the game difficult, the PlayStation 4 version took at least 13 months to develop.

A growing trend here?

The weeks followed and Square Enix released updates to the Android version of Final Fantasy VII that fixed various bugs and issues, among these included the addition of cloud saving. This surprised me as it's thankfully usually included in Square Enix's games now unlike originally, which has left games like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions without cloud saving leaving them trapped on that device to this very day. The iOS version launched with iCloud support, so it was odd but thankfully that was quickly dealt with.

The updates continued every couple of weeks until they appeared to be done in around October. Then there was none for awhile, they appeared to be finally done. I was wrong.

In January 2017 they released an update with the following message that was also added to the description...

The app may not work properly on certain Android devices with operating systems 7.0 and higher.
This will be fixed in a future update. We appreciate your patience.

The Google Play Store in a web browser says the update was issued on January 31, 2017 while the Google Play Store app says January 20, 2017. Regardless, it has now been 13 months.

There has been no word or update from Square Enix since. Square Enix's Support Centre doesn't know anything and I've contacted Square Enix twice and received no response.

This has also resulted in negative reviews on the Google Play Store. Sure, a lot of reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. But as of writing there is 1,941 1 star reviews which is almost equal with the 2,227 5 star reviews.

This is definitely telling as Final Fantasy VII is usually a critical darling, it even currently has 90.89% positive reviews on Steam despite not including features found in the Japanese PC version, the lack of Steam Trading Cards and the requirement of a Square Enix account in order to use their own cloud saving server rather than Steam Cloud.

Final Fantasy VII is also of course Square Enix's best selling game with Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy X close behind. So it makes little sense for them to take forever to fix something like this.

Hopefully Square Enix fixes it soon, 13 months and counting...