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Mobius Final Fantasy's Season 1 Finale arrives this month

Mobius Final Fantasy's Season 1 Finale arrives this month

Written by Brayden — 01 May 2018

Square Enix has announced the exciting and epic conclusion to the first season of Mobius Final Fantasy is coming this month to the global version of the game.

Chapter VIII aka the Final Chapter will begin with Closing the Loop, Part 1 on May 7 and Part 2 on May 22, 2018.

Palamecia watches on as the Warrior of Light faces Chaos.

The end of Part 2 will greet us with the long awaited full credits for the game.

But even though this is already a big month with the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration event and the end of Season 1, there's more coming in May 2018.

3 Legend Jobs will gain further power with the arrival of courses in Hall of Fame: Legends for Mythic Knight, Mythic Ninja and Mythic Sage on May 4.

May 10 will see the Paladin course added to Hall of Fame 3, May 17 will see the Viking's arrive and Devout's arrives on May 24.

The new Legend job Eorzean Bard will also arrive on May 11 while a new Sarah Job Crimson Archer will become available on May 22. Did I also mention Princess Sarah is going to become playable this month as well?

But wait there's more. Yggdrasi will expand again on May 15.

And wrapping up a huge month is Gilgamesh's Gala, a Ranking Event that will be held from May 28 till June 4, 7:59 PM PDT (UTC-7).