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Dissidia II Dependant On Western Sales

Dissidia II Dependant On Western Sales

Written by Darryl — 05 May 2009

In a recent Dissidia press tour helmed by Dissidia: Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Takeshi Arakawa, Final Fantasy Union had the opportunity to ask about a series of topics concerning the forth coming western release of Dissidia.

Furthermore, as Square Enix was happy to cover a wide range of Dissidia topics, we here at Final Fantasy Union are taking the opportunity to launch our 3-Part Dissidia Interview Series.

Dissidia was received extremely well in Japan, with it scoring well with critics and also posting very high sales figures. A few months ago we commented that Tetsuya Nomura said Dissidia II would happen if fans wanted it and at the time there was a lot of mystery shrouded around the comment as it was found in the Dissidia Ultimania guide.

It would make sense for them to make a sequel, if only so they could include more characters. So we took the opportunity to ask Mr. Arakawa his thoughts on the matter and he had the following to say:

"Obviously the game hasn't been released in either the US or Europe and we will have to wait and see how popular it will be. If it's successful obviously we'd like to make an attempt to make a sequel."

His comments suggest that Dissidia II is very much on their minds, and if sales are expected in the West, they will strongly consider making a follow-up.

Come back tomorrow to see the next part of this interview series with Takeshi Arakawa where we talked about downloadable content for Dissidia.

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