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Mobius Final Fantasy's FFX event is completed on October 15

Mobius Final Fantasy's FFX event is completed on October 15

Written by Brayden — 29 Sep 2018

Square Enix has announced that Mobius Final Fantasy's huge Final Fantasy X collaboration event, Dream Within a Dream will be completed in the global version on October 15.

Episode 4 of the event that reveals what happened to Tidus between the events of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will arrive on October 1.

October 1 also sees the arrival of a new EX Job, the Shorn One. As well as new ability cards and a great chance to get some FFX cards.

October 5 will see the Monk Job course added to Hall of Fame 4.

Yojimbo arrives in Ring of Braves on October 11. Take on the master swordsman with up to 3 other players.

Pugilist will get its Job course added to the Hall of Fame 4 on October 12.

And yes, the Conclusion for Dream Within a Dream arrives on October 15. While the Yggdrasil is expanded again.

New EX Job Skyseer will arrive on October 16 and it will bring with it a new Supreme card, Braska's Final Aeon.

And wrapping up the month will be an epilogue for Dream Within a Dream. This will be a ranking event called A Lonely Dream. It will begin on October 23 and brings the Aeon Valefor.

Dream Within a Dream will be available in the global version of Mobius Final Fantasy until November 30, 2018.