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World of Final Fantasy Maxima now available, here's what it adds and doesn't add

World of Final Fantasy Maxima now available, here's what it adds and doesn't add

Written by Brayden — 06 Nov 2018

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is now available worldwide, finally bringing World of Final Fantasy to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The Xbox One version is available physically and digitally but oddly only in North America. The Xbox One version is only available digitally outside of North America. This is understandable for Japan but is odd for Europe and Australia.

Unfortunately the Switch version is available digitally only, worldwide.

The Xbox One version of the game is also Xbox One X Enhanced as previously revealed allowing it to be displayed in 4K Ultra HD but unfortunately the PlayStation 4 version does not appear to support PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Xbox One and Switch versions both also support cloud saves like the PS4 version but unfortunately the PC version still does not support Steam Cloud.

And despite the PS4 version of World of Final Fantasy supporting Simplified Chinese from launch the PC version still does not support it.

Also, did anyone know the PC version doesn't include multiplayer support? Yeah, the other versions all do however.

If that wasn't enough, there is a bundle available in Japan that includes both World of Final Fantasy and Maxima for both PS4 and PC but it appears to be exclusive to Japan.

The PS4 and PlayStation Vita versions are both also still full price on the PlayStation Store. As are the terribly priced creature add-ons.

They have also released English audio DLC for the game in Japan on PS4 and PS Vita but the Japanese audio still remains exclusive to the Day One Edition outside of Japan.

But in more positive news, Maxima adds new side-quests, boss battles, mini-games, a Nightmare difficulty mode and New Game+.

It also includes some changes including the ability to carry 12 Mirages instead of 10. They have also added an item called Treasure Search which will be unlocked after you complete the game and it will help you get items.

The Sandstalker mini-game has also been made easier. This should be especially helpful for those of us missing just that one cutscene in the Theater Mode.

Unfortunately, there isn't a launch trailer for this expansion.

I seriously doubt they will fix any of these issues now which is a shame but I'm always happy to see more ports. Hopefully this continues.