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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age has new exclusive features on Xbox One and Switch

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age has new exclusive features on Xbox One and Switch

Written by Brayden — 25 Feb 2019

Square Enix has announced that they are once again adding all new exclusive features to new versions of a classic Final Fantasy title.

This time it's Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, and the platforms are of course Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The new features are the following:

License Reset Function: By talking to Clan Centurio’s leader Montblanc in Rabanastre, players can reset and change their party member’s jobs, allowing them to customize the jobs of their party as desired.

Additional Gambit Sets: Gambits allow players to customize their party’s AI. Players can now create three unique sets, allowing players to switch between sets for different situations, such as map exploration or boss fights.

Improved “New Game+”: Allows users to start the game with party members at level 90 and carry over some items like weapons, magic and gils obtained during previous playthroughs

Before anyone asks, it is unfortunately very unlikely these will ever be added to the PlayStation 4 or PC versions of the game.

They added additional features to the PC version and confirmed they had no plans to add them to the PS4 version.

This was the exact same case with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster where they added a bunch of new features to the PC version but never to the PS4 version.

It's even worse for Final Fantasy VII where the Japanese PC version has features not included in the version available for the rest of the world via Steam.

In addition, the Xbox One version will also be Xbox One X Enhanced allowing the game to run at 60fps.

Next, you can check out yet another new illustration by Final Fantasy XII art director Isamu Kamikokuryo here.

Finally, you can check out a new trailer below which also shows the new features.