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Final Fantasy XV features 4 new Crazy Challenge Modes on Google Stadia

Final Fantasy XV features 4 new Crazy Challenge Modes on Google Stadia

Written by Brayden — 20 Nov 2019

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Google Stadia and Square Enix has once again decided to include exclusives in a new version of a Final Fantasy game.

It features "Additional Crazy Challenge Modes", which is a new mini-game collection.

They are called "Challenge Rally", "Expert Duel", "Endless Magitek Armor" and "Magna Flight".

There is currently no word on any plans for these to become available for any other version of the game.

This continues a decade long pattern by Square Enix including new features in new versions of Final Fantasy games and never adding them to other modern versions of the games.

The same has occurred this decade for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age and World of Final Fantasy.

The actual differences have varied between game but the end result has been the same, the other versions never receive these features. Usually, all future versions will naturally get the additional features but this is frustratingly not always the case with multiple games latest versions not including them. And this is despite the ports generally being overseen by the same people at Square Enix working with the same developers.

The Google Stadia version of Final Fantasy XV of course also includes all of the DLC and updates released for the other versions of the game.

And it has also been optimized for streaming.

You can check it out including the four new mini-games below.