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Triple Triad creator and Dirge of Cerberus director Takayoshi Nakazato now works at Luminous

Triple Triad creator and Dirge of Cerberus director Takayoshi Nakazato now works at Luminous

Written by Brayden — 24 Nov 2019

Yoshinori Kitase, a member of Square Enix's Board of Directors not to mention many other roles has revealed in an interview with Game Informer looking back on Final Fantasy VIII, that the creator of the classic mini-game Triple Triad, Takayoshi Nakazato is now working at the Square Enix owned studio Luminous Productions.

This is not much of a surprise since he worked on the studio's previous game, Final Fantasy XV as a project manager.

But this is interesting as it looks to mark the end of his long career working on the Final Fantasy series and of course has seen him leave Square Enix to a separate Square Enix owned studio.

He started working at Square in the mid 90's and worked on Front Mission and
Front Mission: Gun Hazard's graphics.

His first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy VII, where he was a battle planner.

This was naturally followed by Final Fantasy VIII where he was in charge of the battle system (credited as battle camera director) and of course created Triple Triad.

He then worked on Final Fantasy X as the Map director but was promoted to director alongside Motomu Toriyama and Toshiro Tsuchida during development after Kitase was promoted to producer.

For Final Fantasy X-2 he worked as the field planning director.

And for Final Fantasy XIII he was map planning director while also helping with the development of the Crystal Tools engine.

But his main work was Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- where he personally directed the game. To date it's the only time he's personally directed a game for its entire development.

Sadly, Dirge of Cerberus is the series' only game from its first four console generations to never receive a re-release for another platform.

I am curious to see what his role on Luminous Productions' new IP is but we'll probably have to wait awhile to find out.

Source: Back To School: The Stories Behind Final Fantasy VIII