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Dissidia Final Fantasy Hits Euro/PAL PSN Stores

Dissidia Final Fantasy Hits Euro/PAL PSN Stores

Written by Kyle — 11 Mar 2010

For anyone still holding out in Europe for the downloadable version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, today is your day. Square Enix has announced that as of now, the Final Fantasy fighter is available for download on the PlayStation Network via PS3 or PSP, for £24.99.

The game was previously released in Europe on disc around the same time as it did in North America, but for whatever reason North America received the PSN version of the game way back in November, leaving Europe and other PAL regions out in the cold.

So, if you have a fat memory card, or a PSP Go, now's a good time to dig into the game. Remember, sales of Dissidia: Final Fantasy could inspire a sequel. Just saying.