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Final Fantasy Versus XIII To Have Controllable Airships

Final Fantasy Versus XIII To Have Controllable Airships

Written by Damian — 17 Mar 2010

Tetsuya Nomura, legendary character designer and director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII has recently been posting on twitter. Unfortunately, he does not have his own Twitter account, if he did, we'd be all over it; Instead has been answering questions via the Square-Enix Members account.

When asked how far along Final Fantasy Versus XIII was in development, Nomura replied with:

"Not everything is connected together, so the various areas have different levels of progress. However, you can fly across the world map in an airship."

Airships are quite the tradition in Final Fantasy titles, so thats not really the biggest news here. The big news is the fact that they are controllable across the world map. That one sentence suggests a lot more exploration in Final Fantasy Versus XIII than it's older brother, and should make traditionalists of the franchise happier.

Source: Adriasang