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Square Enix Exploring Final Fantasy IX On PSN

Square Enix Exploring Final Fantasy IX On PSN

Written by Damian — 19 Mar 2010

Square-Enix are sure getting a lot of use out of Twitter, as yet again, questions that have been on fans minds are getting some answers via the official Square-Enix Members account.

With the giant success of Final Fantasy VII and VIII on the PlayStation Store the past year, many assumed that, at some point in the future, Final Fantasy IX would also appear on the store. If you were one of those people, you are probably right with, Hashimoto responding to that question with, "We're looking into it."

With all that additional revenue from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII topping the PSN charts on their release, why wouldn't Square-Enix put Final Fantasy IX on the store? Hopefully we will get an update with maybe even a release soon.

Source: Square-Enix Members Twitter