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Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Will Appear At E3

Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Will Appear At E3

Written by Damian — 11 Jun 2010

When all hope for a Final Fantasy Versus XIII appearance at E3 had been dashed by Square Enix's recent E3 line-up, many fans were left with quite a sour aftertaste, clinging on to a possible surprise announcement at the event. However, hope has just been reinstated by GameSpot's recent post of the E3 show-floor map.

Thats right, according to GameSpot, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will indeed be making an appearance at E3 as it is listed as a title being shown at Square Enix's booth. This isn't complete confirmation though, and as such can only be classed as a rumour, but it's a lot better than being a no-show on Square Enix's list.

All we can do is keep clinging on for a Versus XIII appearance, but this post at least gives us an extra branch to latch onto. All will be revealed in just a few days, so keep checking back for more information.

Source: GameSpot