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Final Fantasy IX - 9 years ago

Final Fantasy IX Gets Sudden Release In Europe

Square-Enix have shocked European PlayStation 3 and PSP owners by releasing Final Fantasy IX on the PlayStation store today. Many were expecting to have to wait a few months to get the chance to play the classic PlayStation title again after its Japa...

Final Fantasy IX - 9 years ago

Final Fantasy IX Confirmed For US PlayStation Store

After a ton of speculation, Final Fantasy IX was finally announced for the PlayStation Network in Japan last month. However, Square Enix were completely quiet on a Western release, until now. The announcement has come via an official p...

Final Fantasy IX - 9 years ago

Final Fantasy IX Confirmed For Japanese PlayStation Store

Square Enix, the bunch of teases, have confirmed that PlayStation Classic, Final Fantasy IX, is on its way to the Japanese PlayStation Store. The company have been bit by bit ...

Final Fantasy IX - 9 years ago

Square Enix Discussing Final Fantasy IX For PSN

There's only one original PlayStation Final Fantasy game missing from the PlayStation Store, but that could be resolved soon enough. Final Fantasy IX has yet to see a PSN release, but in a Twitter post to Square Enix Members, SE producer Shinji Hashi...

Final Fantasy IX - 10 years ago

Square Enix Exploring Final Fantasy IX On PSN

Square-Enix are sure getting a lot of use out of Twitter, as yet again, questions that have been on fans minds are getting some answers via the official Square-Enix Members account. With the giant success of Final Fantasy VII and VIII...