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Final Fantasy Versus XIII - 10 years ago

No Final Fantasy Versus XIII Until E3 2010

In response to criticism involving in-development footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, director Tetsuya Nomura has recently revealed a bit more information regarding the footage shown at Tokyo Game Show 2009, as well as some insight as to the game p...

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - 10 years ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Development Should Be Swift

After a long lack of news from any Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise other than Final Fantasy XIII, it seems we're now getting back on track with the other big names. At Gamescom 2009, Yoshinori Kitase reports that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will have ...

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - 11 years ago

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII DK?3713 Trailer

Final Fantasy Versus XIII's DKΣ3713 Trailer from Re: Final Fantasy has just been leaked on to the internet and it's a full 5 minute CG trailer featuring numerous characters. The music is also provided by Yoko Shimomura and it sounds great too, ...

Final Fantasy XIII - 11 years ago

Mr. 33cm Gets A New Codename - Snow

In an advanced preview of next week's Shonen Jump there is a small feature on Fabula Nova Crystallis - primarily some of the characters which will be featured in the games. The main headline is that the aptly named Mr. 33cm now has an official codena...

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - 11 years ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS 2008 Trailer Impressions

Quite a lot of new footage was shown in the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer and it shows Noctis (the new name for the Prince) in a slightly different light to trailers seen in the past. The trailer itself starts ...

Square Enix - 11 years ago

TGS 2008: Final Fantasy Line-Up Unveiled

The 2008 edition of the Tokyo Game Show is almost upon us and Square Enix have seen fit to announce which games they will be showcasing at the event. They will actually be showing a total of 32 games, but only 7 of them are related to the Final Fanta...