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Final Fantasy VIII - 13 days ago

Yoshinori Kitase oversaw the remastering of Final Fantasy VIII, knows of that meme

Despite simply receiving a special thanks on the credits for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Yoshinori Kitase has revealed in an interview with Edamame Arcade Channel that he actually "oversaw the whole process" of remastering Final Fantasy VIII....

Final Fantasy VIII - 13 days ago

Yasuhisa Izumisawa, Gen Kobayashi, Yukihiro Kajimoto share art for FFVIII Remastered

Following Toshiyuki Itahana's, Square Enix has released 3 new pieces of Final Fantasy VIII inspired artwork by other great artists who work on Square Enix games in order to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. First is...

Final Fantasy VIII - 16 days ago

Toshiyuki Itahana celebrates the launch of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered with new art

To celebrate the release of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Square Enix artist Toshiyuki Itahana who is the character designer for Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IX, the Chocobo series and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles in addition to being one...

Final Fantasy VIII - 16 days ago

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered's launch trailer offers a brief look at the game

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is of course now available worldwide, finally bringing the game to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch alongside re-releasing it for the third time on PC. And to celebrate, Square Enix has released a launch trail...

Mobius Final Fantasy - 20 days ago

Final Fantasy VIII: The Sleeping Lion continues in Mobius Final Fantasy

The Mobius Final Fantasy team have revealed what's coming to the global version of the game in September 2019 and it's headlined by the continuation of Final Fantasy VIII: The Sleeping Lion. Episode 2, Part 2 arrived today (September 2),...

Final Fantasy VIII - 22 days ago

New Final Fantasy VIII Remastered web commercial features Eyes On Me

Square Enix has released a new web commercial for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered that features the game's vocal theme "Eyes On Me" by Faye Wong. It's funny to think people used to think this song was the reason Square Enix hadn't ported F...