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Final Symphony - 4 years ago

Symphonic Fantasies Coming To London, Tickets Now On Sale

Following on from the hit success that was Final Symphony II a few months ago, Merregnon Studio are pleased to announce that the Barbican will be graced with their arrangements once again in October 2016 for Symphonic Fantasies. Expandi...

Final Symphony - 4 years ago

Final Symphony II's Track List Revealed

With less than 2 months left, the team behind Final Symphony II, a concert series dedicated to Final Fantasy music, has revealed what fans can exp...

Final Symphony - 5 years ago

Music To Our Ears, Final Symphony Is Now Available!

We spoke about this a little while ago, but we are super excited to inform all you avid Final Fantasy music fans that Final Symphony ...

Final Symphony - 5 years ago

Nobuo Uematsu Is Working On A New Final Fantasy Album

Amidst the massive Distant Worlds tour and, of course, the more intimate A New World tour, Nobuo Uematsu is apparently teaming up with the London Symphony Orchestra to create a new Final Fantasy arrangement album. The album is based upon...

Final Fantasy VI - 5 years ago

You Can Now Watch Final Fantasy VI Symphonic Poem Online

Here's something a bit special for fans of Final Fantasy music, specifically Final Fantasy VI. Taken from a recent recording, you can now listen and watch the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra perform Final Fantasy VI Symphonic Poem. ...