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World Of Final Fantasy - 2 years ago

Every Champion Summon in World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is officially out in North America guys, how many of you have picked up the game so far?! And if you haven't, what's your excuse? As you all know by now, the game features plenty of characters from classic Final Fa...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

Square Enix Hoping To Make World of Final Fantasy Figurines

There's been something of an information blowout today for World of Final Fantasy. Not only was there a new trailer published, but we also learnt ...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

World of Final Fantasy Release Date Announced!

Fantastic news everyone, ahead of E3 2016, the World of Final Fantasy release date has been announced and it's not that long to wait. As revealed by the ...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

Shelke Rui Joins Cast of World of Final Fantasy, New E3 2016 Trailer Released

E3 2016 hasn't even started yet, but that hasn't stopped Square Enix from bombarding us with awesome information! Today, we are therefore able to share the World of Final Fantasy E3 trailer. Not only does the trailer show off some more o...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

World Of Final Fantasy Taking Players Back To Balamb Garden and More

World of Final Fantasy is the newest PlayStation exclusive Final Fantasy game offering younger fans a nice introduction into the Final Fantasy world and older fans, a lovely celebration of the previous titles. The ...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

Final Fantasy VIII's Quistis Coming To World of Final Fantasy

Whether you call her QWISS-TIS or KEY-STIS, it's time to break out the Trepies! Final Fantasy VIII's blue mage, Quistis Trepe, is heading to World of Final Fantasy. It's only fitting this announcement comes in just when Final Fantasy VII...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

New Screens and Trailer For World of Final Fantasy With English Subtitles

World of Final Fantasy is shaping up to be another great compilation game for Square Enix. It offers fans, new and old, a chance to live in the world of Final Fantasy and greet some of the series' popular characters. For More Screenshots You Can Check Out Our Flickr page! A japanese...

World Of Final Fantasy - 3 years ago

New Trailer For World of Final Fantasy Reveals and Yes, It Is Adorable

World of Final Fantasy was one of the new surprises that Square Enix presented at this year's E3 and now at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Square Enix have revealed a brand new trailer of the game showing off some of the game's story and gameplay. This family friendly Final Fantasy game...

World Of Final Fantasy - 4 years ago

E3 2015: World of Final Fantasy Announced

Square Enix has announced a brand new Final Fantasy title called World of Final Fantasy that features adorable chibi versions of your favorite heroes and monsters in the Final Fantasy series. The trailer features the characters befriending various monsters and some of the heroes that will be making appearances. It seems...