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Final Fantasy Union has become something of a podcasting phenomenon since it started way back in 2007. Our little Final Fantasy podcast has been downloadeed well over 1.5 million times and it continues to grow from strength to strength all the time. We are constantly humbled by fans of the show and that our listenerbase has remained so high even after all these years.

Headed up by Darryl and Lauren, with Jared sometimes joining the gang, we provide new podcasts every two weeks. Each show will take a look at the latest news and and discussion topics that arise. We will also look to have featured discussions and questions from the community! (email to p...@finalfantasyunion.com)

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- 12 days ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 203

Final Fantasy X Fangasm!

Final Fantasy X was a fantastic game in so many ways and this episode is all about celebrating the greatness of the game! We'll have a focus on some of our favourite characters, pieces of music and specific scenes... all while talking ab...

- 26 days ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 202

Exploring Final Fantasy Beginnings

Throughout the years we have been blessed with some fantastic intros to Final Fantasy games, and this episode we're going to be delving into what made them so special. To do that, we'll be taking a look at the various aspects that a begi...

- 1 month ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 201

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Platform Rumours Abound

You knew it was going to keep on happening, but after a blunder by Xbox, rumours have started up again about whether or not the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will appear on Xbox One. We've also got plenty of fun topics to discuss elsewhere, inc...

- 2 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 200

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We've made it to Episode 200 of the Final Fantasy Union podcast, which is so crazy to think about considering where we came from. That's why we felt it was rather apt this episode to take a look at some of the moments that helped to shape who we are ...

- 2 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 199

An Amazing FF7 Remake-Focussed Recap of E3 2019

From a Final Fantasy perspective, E3 2019 was something of a dream show, as Square Enix featured a whole host of Final Fantasy games... including the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! This episode, we're taking an extensive dive into everything th...

- 3 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 198

Final Fantasy 7 E3 2019 Predictions (+ Lengthy Discussion!)

With E3 2019 just around the corner, it felt like the perfect time to talk about exactly we think (and hope) Square Enix will show off relating to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! It means we'll be covering a wide range of topics, from when w...

- 3 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 197

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Teaser Trailer Explosion!

Wow, what a week it's been for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Even though it was only a teaser trailer, it revealed a whole host of details and we're going to be running through them all today. We'll be talking about the reveal of Aerith, the re-reveal of the other characters...

- 4 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 196

If You Could Only Ever Play One Final Fantasy...

Final Fantasy has been such an expansive franchise, but with so many games to choose from... how could you ever just pick one? Well, that's our challenge today, as we discuss with main-line game we'd like to play for the rest of our lives, while also discussing how we'd make the...

- 4 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 195

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Expanding The Expanded Universe

With E3 2019 getting ever-closed, we decided to take a look this episode at how we'd like to see Square Enix utilise the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII within the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Yep, we're going to be talking about utilising characters from Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of...

- 5 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 194

Square Enix's Japanese Shake-Up Continues

With the start of Square Enix's new financial year, there's been plenty of change afoot! It's seen a continuation of the changes we saw at the end of last year when Hajime Tabata left to pursue new ventures, as Hideo Baba (Head of Studio Istolia) has also now resigned from...

- 5 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 193

Celebrating Nobuo Uematsu

To celebrate Nobuo Uematsu's birthday, we figured it would be a fantastic opportunity to have a show dedicated to his career so far! Having joined Square back in 1985, Uematsu-san has gone on to have such an impactful career within the video game music industry, not least due to his...

- 6 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 192

My Favourite Final Fantasy Protagonist

We've ventured into antagonists, so it's only fair that we venture into the world of protagonists... but that's not all this episode! Outside of discussing the various protagonists that have graced the Final Fantasy franchise over the years, we're also taking a look at potential cross-over games that would benefit from...

- 6 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 191

Digging Into Episode Ardyn Prologue

Episode Ardyn Prologue has just been released in preparation for Episode Ardyn and it was pretty intense! This episode, we're running through Episode Ardyn Prologue (spoiler free) talking about what they've looked to achieve and how the various characters were portrayed. But... we're also running through the Q&A they released alongside the...

- 6 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 190

Final Fantasy 8 Fangasm Episode!

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII, we decided to have a special fangasm episode...! That's right, we're joined by Chris (aka Hoogathy) for this episode, as we're running through our favourite characters, favourite moments and favourite pieces of music from what a rather special game in the Final...

- 7 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 189

My Favourite Final Fantasy Antagonist

With so many to choose from, this episode we're talking all about our favourite Final Fantasy antagonists! Yep, that's right... we're going to be running through the various villains we've seen since the Final Fantasy franchise started and discussing what they brought to the table in their respective games. Then, as...

- 7 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 188

Final Fantasy Remakes, First Impressions & Losing Its Mojo... It's Question Time!

As we venture further into 2019, there's plenty to discuss and this episode we're talking remakes, first impressions when playing games and whether the franchise has lost its gameplay mojo! Yes, that's right, it's time for a full-on questions episode as we delve into some rather interesting topics such as... what...

- 8 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 187

The Mystery of Hiroyuki Ito

Happy New Year everyone! To kick things off, we thought it would be rather interesting to dive into the mystery that is... Hiroyuki Ito! In the earlier days of the franchise, Hiroyuki Ito was one of the stars of the company, having a prominent hand in the majority of Final Fantasy...

- 9 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 186

Reviewing the Highs and Lows of Final Fantasy in 2018

It's been a rather interesting year for Final Fantasy with some definite highs and lows, so to round-out the year, we thought it would be rather appropriate to pick-out some key moments! Yes, that means we'll be talking about Final Fantasy XV's DLC, the launch of Dissidia NT and the interesting...