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Final Fantasy Union has become something of a podcasting phenomenon since it started way back in 2007. Our little Final Fantasy podcast has been downloadeed well over 1.5 million times and it continues to grow from strength to strength all the time. We are constantly humbled by fans of the show and that our listenerbase has remained so high even after all these years.

Headed up by Darryl and Lauren, with Jared sometimes joining the gang, we provide new podcasts every two weeks. Each show will take a look at the latest news and and discussion topics that arise. We will also look to have featured discussions and questions from the community! (email to p...@finalfantasyunion.com)

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- 9 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 187

The Mystery of Hiroyuki Ito

Happy New Year everyone! To kick things off, we thought it would be rather interesting to dive into the mystery that is... Hiroyuki Ito! In the earlier days of the franchise, Hiroyuki Ito was one of the stars of the company, having a pro...

- 9 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 186

Reviewing the Highs and Lows of Final Fantasy in 2018

It's been a rather interesting year for Final Fantasy with some definite highs and lows, so to round-out the year, we thought it would be rather appropriate to pick-out some key moments! Yes, that means we'll be talking about Final Fanta...

- 10 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 185

Final Fantasy 7 Remake; What Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest?

We're talking about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in-depth this episode... sort of! Tetsuya Nomura has been speaking to the press about his frustrations... with the press, so we delve into what that actually means. Does he have a point and ...

- 10 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 184

Tabata Quits Square Enix; XV DLC Episodes Cancelled (WTF Just Happened?!)

Shocked doesn't even begin to describe how we're feeling after everything that's happened this week as not only has Hajime Tabata stepped down as the Director/Producer of Final Fantasy XV, he's also quit Square Enix entirely! The majorit...

- 11 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 183

Final Fantasy Fan Theories + Their Impact On The Wider Lore

Fan theories have been swirling around for quite some time, but what's their impact on the wider lore of the Final Fantasy franchise? Well, that's what's being discussed on the podcast as touch on some of the more prominent fan theories that have don...

- 11 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 182

What's Next For Dissidia NT?

Dissidia NT has been out for quite some time now, but things haven't gone as planned... so what's next? This episode, we discuss a recent marketing campaign that Square Enix has launched to try and promote Dissidia NT, but we go further ...

- 12 months ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 181

Final Fantasy Games As A Service, Lessons From Final Fantasy XV

With the recent birth of our second child, Darryl is flying solo this episode... but that doesn't mean there will be any less to discuss as the games as a service topic has raised its head again following an interview with Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata! Darryl runs through the...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 180

Final Fantasy Arrives Anniversary-Style

We're now approaching the end of the 31st anniversary for Final Fantasy, and we just had a ton of announcements! Were these the games Hashimoto was talking about throughout last year? Who knows! Either way, we couldn't be more excited about the announcement of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 179

Are Love Stories Gone From Final Fantasy?

With Final Fantasy constantly changing in almost every regard, with respect to the narrative, are love stories now a thing of the past? That's out main topic for today, as we take a look through how the franchise tackled romantic relationships in the earlier iterations and how they've been tackled...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 178

Do Remakes (FF7R) / Remasters (FFX HD) Show A Lack of Creativity?

With Square Enix focusing so heavily on remakes and remasters in recent years, has this been hindering their creative efforts elsewhere? That's the main topic of our show today, as we talk through the pros and cons of remakes and remasters! In addition, we've also got a whole host of questions...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 177

Should Octopath Traveler Have Been A Final Fantasy Game?

With Octopath Traveler doing so well, should it have been positioned as a Final Fantasy game? That's the topic we're discussing today, and we also branch it out into wider games like the Bravely series. It makes for an interesting debates about the merits of being associated with Final Fantasy, or...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 176

Should Final Fantasy XVI Feature An Expanded Universe?

We're taking plenty of questions this episode, and our main topic delves into the realm of us... becoming the CEO of Square Enix! It makes for some interesting discussions and some unique angles as to where and why Square Enix should focus on certain things! Outside of that, we've got a whole...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 175

Should Final Fantasy XVI Feature An Expanded Universe?

Expanded universes have become more common place, but is it a good thing? It's time for a good ol' discussion as we explore the topic back to its roots and relate it to our expectations around Final Fantasy XVI. It means we'll be discussing the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 174

Announcing The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Too Early

For today's episode we talk through everything that happened in and around the announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! To clarify though, we aren't stuck in a time warp, it's more that Nomura has just given some additional details as to why they announced it so far before they...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 173

E3 2018, Our Thoughts So Far!

With E3 2018 well under way, it's time for us to discuss how we think things are going so far from the perspective of Final Fantasy! That means we'll be talking all about the Square Enix showcase, amongst some brief conversations about the other press conferences that took place. Unfortunately though,...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 172

E3 2018 Predictions!

E3 2018 is only a few very short weeks away, so we felt it was the perfect time to run-through some of our juicy predictions for what we think they'll show! We've decided to therefore split it into two segments. First-up, there's our "dream list" of Final Fantasy content; stuff that...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 171

Final Fantasy XVI, Our Hopes + Dreams!

It's time to look to the future, so this episode we're talking about our hopes and dreams for Final Fantasy XVI! We'll be running through numerous topics relating to Final Fantasy XVI, including when we think it'll actually be announced, what kind of experience we're looking to see and when we...

- 1 year ago

Final Fantasy Union: Episode 170

Final Fantasy XV Season Two Revealed!

We've known it's been coming, but the new wave of DLC for Final Fantasy XV has now been fully revealed. This episode Darryl and Lauren spend some time talking through the different Episodes that were revealed during PAX East 2018, including the content they will contain and when they will actually...