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Final Fantasy XV Release Date

After a rather long wait, Final Fantasy XV has got to the point where the end is in sight, we can see the finish line, there will be a Final Fantasy XV release date that we can talk about! It's been over a decade, but it feels great to be able to finally say this about a game that's gone through a name change (Final Fantasy Versus XIII) and staff changes (Nomura being replaced by Tabata as director).

Those who have favoured one console over the other will be pleased to know that unlike Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3 exclusive), Final Fantasy XV will release on both the PS4 and Xbox One at the same time in all regions.

Final Fantasy XV Release Date:

  • North America: 2016
  • Europe: 2016
  • Japan: 2016

It means, if you're interested, that Final Fantasy XV will hopefully be releasing within the next 1113 days.