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Staff Blog: A Taste Of Things To Come

Staff Blog: A Taste Of Things To Come

Written by Darryl — 07 Jun 2010

Those of us who're extremely astute probably noticed that in the last month or so, updates on Final Fantasy Union were far and few between. Sure, there hasn't really been much news since Final Fantasy XIII exploded in our faces, but there was still a distinct lack of updates. The main reason for this was, as you probably guessed, the behind the scenes work on the new Final Fantasy Union, which everyone seems to absolutely love! I'm glad everything turned out how it has and that the brief lull was worth it.

With the new layout live though, things are going to change and the first change is the addition of this staff blog, which will come out every Monday. Now, I'm writing this one, but that doesn't mean I'll be writing the next one - we like to keep you guys guessing after all. We'll basically use this as a place for us to openly talk with you guys about stuff that's going on with regards to Final Fantasy Union, whether it be future developments on the site or our crazy adventures.

I'm going to use this first one to tease something that Colin and I have been wanting to do for quite some time now. I believe we actually came up with the idea well over a year ago, but due to time commitments, we just couldn't realise it.

Starting this Wednesday, we'll be producing a recurring feature which we've titled The Misadventures of Final Fantasy Union. Now, I'm not going to go into much more detail, but I will divulge the title of the first feature, and that's "Don't Talk To Strangers". The privileged few who've had a sneak peak at it have loved it so far, and we really hope that you guys will like it just as much. If not, please feel free to tell us and crush our spirits. We'll then proceed to break any musical instruments we possess and become drug addicts... just kidding obviously...

Until next time.


Darryl was playing Final Fantasy before he was even born - quite a feat! Often very opinionated on the Final Fantasy franchise, you will often find him musing about small details. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.